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KRISP 8+ Alkaline Natural Spring Water - 6 pk

KRISP 8+ Alkaline Natural Spring Water - 6 pk

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Unveiling Nature's Secret Hydration: KRISP 8+ Alkaline Spring Water

From the crystal heart of the Canadian Laurentians, KRISP 8+ isn't just water, it's a whisper of serenity captured in a bottle. Sourced from a protected aquifer, nestled deep beneath the Laurentian Mountains, it emerges naturally enriched with a pH of 8.1+, promising a silky smooth taste and a touch of healthful alkalinity.

But wait, there's more! KRISP 8+'s exquisite purity has captivated the palates of the world, winning the prestigious Superior Taste Award 5 years in a row from the International Taste Institute of Brussels. Think of it as champagne for your everyday hydration—a reason to celebrate every sip.

So, why choose KRISP 8+?

    • Naturally Alkaline: Unwind the knots of acidity with a pH that balances your body from within.
    • Superior Taste: Every bottle is a five-star experience, awarded by the world's most discerning palates.
    • Mountain Fresh Purity: Sip the crystal-clear essence of untouched nature, every drop a testament to nature's elegance.
    • Sustainable Indulgence: Every bottle whispers respect for the environment, crafted with 100% recycled plastic.

KRISP 8+ isn't just water, it's a daily invitation to rediscover the joy of pure, alkaline hydration. Choose health, choose taste, choose KRISP 8+.


Ingredients: Natural spring water

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